The DC Experience and How To Improve It For Participants

(Annual Multi-Sponsor Study)

Perhaps now more than ever, defined contribution plan providers are trying to create a better relationships with plan participants to increase contributions, improve satisfaction, and keep assets under management after retirement. Providers are also seeking to reduce costs and serve participants with greater efficiency. Together with Greenwald & Associates, KK & Company has designed a research plan aimed at providing providers , plan advisors and plan sponsors with information to help meet these goals in an environment that has caused many participants to be skeptical.

Through an online survey with 1,000 employees who participate in a defined contribution plan through work, our research objective is to provide an enhanced understanding of the way participants currently evaluate their experience and their provider, enabling providers to develop new and advanced programs that help motivate higher contributions and generate higher satisfaction ratings at lower cost. The 2009 study provided insights on unmet needs, media effectiveness and product desirability. The 2010 study builds on theses insights.

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